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    • Before post a problem you please search the solution in the relevant forum. Solution if not found please post the problem as much as short in writing on the form and style. We reserve the right to update, modify, remove or move to an appropriate forum of your post (if needed).
    • Problem expect law and rules regarding income tax would not be allowed.
    • Interpretation may vary on any problem from person to person, you please choose the better.
    • Problem and solution are kept as per forum for better services, so, you please search the solution as per forum and post the problem mentioning the forum.
    • Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be allowed. Inform us any type of shortage, complaint, advice or objection.
    • Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed.
    • Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited.
    • Political discussion is strictly prohibited.
    • Registering with multiple accounts are not allowed.
    • Posting a question in more than one forum is annoying and thus not allowed. Just post it once in the correct place.
    • Be aware about copyright law; give necessary references of your post. Violating of copyright law in any post we are not responsible.
    • Refrain about giving wrong data; we are not responsible for any members post.
    • If any data or post removed from database unexpectedly we are not liable for that. So, it is member’s responsibility to backup his/her important data or post.
    • Forum posts are owned by the member, we do not demand any copyright for that. We could publish post of a member in any media or journal with his/her permission.
    • taxmatebd on principle, not disclosed your e-mail to others but being used by taxmatebd for better and quicker various services for correspondence.

    The above rules are peremptory for each member to keep a sound environment of this forum. If any members create an indiscipline situation by violating these rules may be banned without warning. Any posts not meeting these rules may be removed without notice. We do not remove posts or accounts on request. We reserve the right to modify and amend these rules at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current taxmatebd forum’s rules.

    Your participation may longer the better life of the forum expect your heartfelt co-operation suggestion, advice for development.

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